Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sniff. Sniff. Snork. Blah.

Phlegm. Everyone has it. I have too much of it. And on days when it is especially invasive, all jammed up in my sinus cavities like fruit cake batter overflowing its bundt pan, one of my only defenses is sitting still.

That's it. Sitting upright and very still in the bubble seems to work. Sure, the Sudafed helps. The sinus flusher squeeze bottle pseudo nettie pot thing helps too. Mostly, though, I've learned over the last few years that the best way to quell the discomfort and aggravating byproducts of my high maintenance noggin caverns is to just sit still.

And whilst I sit here in this chair, fighting the urge to jam the hose of an industrial strength wet/dry vacuum cleaner up my nose, I calmly pass the time by watching TV, surfing the web, and making mental notes about what I'm going to do when the nasal dike breaks free and all manner of sinus sludge comes pouring out.

Laundry. Dishes. Clean the bathroom. Write something. Draw something. Design something. But most importantly, change out of these flannel pajama pants because it's still August for peep's sake!

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well then, jenji said...

Noah is punishing you for having so many puppets on your dining room table...they should be on the ark already! I hope yer happy now...