Saturday, August 11, 2007

An Indelible Impression

La-Z-Boy. The company has always built chairs with comfort in mind. The style of many classic La-Z-Boy chairs is unmistakable, and often utterly utilitarian by design. This adds to the aura of Archie Bunker-like mystique that seems woven into the upholstery of nearly every La-Z-Boy model that has rolled off the assembly line since the mid-seventies. Their catalog today does have plenty of contemporary offerings, featuring models with notable styles and varied design. But for many folks, the name La-Z-Boy conjures but one visual: Big, comfortable chair.

My La-Z-Boy recliner is covered in green fabric with a short pile and subtle checkerboard pattern. It has very comfortable pillow arm rests and a two-section pillow back rest that's cupped in just the right places. The cushion attached to the foot rest is very soft too, and the section between it and the seat cushion is connected by a padded panel of matching fabric that forms a Chaise Lounge type of design when I recline.

It's not an ugly chair, but it will probably never win any style awards, or appear on the cover of Chair Aficionado Monthly. It is what it is: A remarkable example of a proven, utilitarian design that continues to fulfill the same purpose for which it was originally conceived. It suspends my body in near perfect stasis for the entire duration of time that I chose to remain seated. It provides for total relaxation.

My ass never falls asleep in this sucker either.

I've tested the chair's design throughout many hundreds of hours of television watching, internet browsing, reading, writing, and, I'm not ashamed to admit, eating. It continues to feel as comfortable and structurally sound today as it did three years ago when those two guys who smelled of coffee and cigarettes delivered it to my bubble. I have no doubt this La-Z-Boy will continue to serve me well for many years to come. I really could not ask for anything more.

I do wish it didn't have that Archie Bunker-esque vibe some days. And yes, there is a good chance that, somewhere in the United States, an eighty year-old guy with leaky Depends is sitting on the very same model chair, with the same green checkerboard fabric, and that it matches the decor of his home perfectly.

But at least Art Linkletter didn't tell me to call and order it. THAT and my recliner's unwavering devotion to comfort has to account for something.

Viva la La-Z-Boy!

[I'd post a photo if I had a camera here]


well then, jenji said...

Love the new design. It would rock if you could add a bouncing uniboob and/or blueberry somewhere on the site... as you know, your own personal "moderators?" Just a thought. Looks really great.

And, Clearly I'm well aware of the comfort of your La-Z-Boy, as I've personally had numerous opportunites to plant myself into it. And I thank you kindly!

chet said...


And that's a great idea to have Uniboob or Blueberry do some moderating. I'll have to see if they're back from their sabbatical yet.

You know how tough it is to get ANY work outta these peeps if they've JUST returned home *smug sound* ;)