Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Look, Jenji!

It's a 3-tier craft box. It has lots of storage slots and holds many many things. It's really really nice!

I call it my secret box, but don't tell anyone.

Oh crap, I just did.


well then, jenji said...

You ain't kiddin me, Mister! I happen to know for a fact that your 3-tier craft box is in fact, covered in bedazzled Jim Henson decals. Or is it Jenna Jaminson? Eh, either way, you ain't foolin me!

chet said...

Well, duh! I couldn't very well post a photo of my ACTUAL 3-tier craft box cuz I don't have a camera in da bubble. Sheesh!

As if!

And it's Henson bedazzlements, btw.