Sunday, June 17, 2007

Breakfast Courtesy of Don Pedro

The sticker on the organically-grown banana that I just ate instructed me to "visit our farm at - FARM 776."

So I did. This is what I learned.

Farm Name: Don Pedro Farm

In the heart of La Guajira desert with a great view of the snowed peaks of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Dole Colombia operates a farm called Don Pedro. This farm has over 310 hectares of organic bananas and was established in 2005. This farm is currently certified under EU and NOP organic rules, ISO 14000 and SA 8000. Don Pedro promises to be one of the best producing organic banana farms in Latin America.

It goes on to say that in January 2007, the local Government Authorities from Riohacha, La Guajira, awarded Don Pedro Farm for its contribution to the economic and social development of the region. This is followed by a link to a nice story about the woman in the tan shirt pictured above.

And to think that all I had originally set out to accomplish by eating a banana this morning was increase my potassium level a tad.

I wonder what Gueldis Elit Deluque Jimenez is doing right now. Hopefully she's not listening to her son Eduardo whine about wanting to see Shrek The Third.

Gueldis, if you're reading this blog on the WiFi at Don Pedro, tell Eduardo that Jenji said the film really isn't that good. There are many other reviews that support her opinion. And you all should definitely wait and rent it on video, or wait until it loops ad nauseam on TBS, or not see it at all. Seriously, it's two hours you'll never have back. Tell him to watch old Warner Bros. Looney Toons or Jim Henson Muppet Show reruns instead. Now THOSE productions had original ideas with story narratives and comedy that didn't rely solely on cliched pop culture references and celebrity voice-overs.

And thank you for taking such good care of my banana.

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well then, jenji said...

Although I try to avoid talking about your banana as much as possible, you have forced me to respond...

tell your smug banana to send a message to Eduardo via Western Union that reads...

Chet wasn't kidding STOP...Shrek sucked so bad that I would rather have spent my time licking the soiled underside of the seat in front of me than to have watched one more second of that recycled nonsense STOP we get it, the cat is cute and spanish STOP