Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Confession

Recycling is easy. The city even provides me with a handy plastic bin to carry my recycled whatnots to the curb. It's blue. It has convenient handles molded into the design on each side. It's sort of like a laundry basket to help wash away my carbon footprint from the planet. It sits outside, behind the garage, next to the large, city-provided, flip-top, rat-proof garbage container on wheels. That's blue too.

Every Wednesday night, I cinch the drawstring handles on my single, kitchen-sized bag of weekly garbage. Then I carry this single bag outside and place it into the hulking garbage container. This gets rolled out to the curb in preparation for an early morning Thursday pickup.

I bag per week.

On Thursday morning, I roll the blue garbage container with the flip lid, now empty, back to its holding area behind the garage. Sometimes I'll glance down at the empty, plastic bin with "recycling" marked on the side. The blue one.

Maybe if it was green I would feel differently about using it.

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well, then said...

Being green would require me to take up running and clearly that is never going to happen, as I only run whilst being chased and that's a fact, my friend. But good luck with that!