Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Bubbleboy finds Blogger

There's something to be said for A/C. And then there's something to be said for A/C at Chez Bubbleboy: it ain't in the window yet!

Yes, tonight is the first night that the ol' Kenmore UltraFreeze 8000 would have really made a difference. But that would require planning, a bit of elbow grease and more ambition than I care to muster at 1:02 am.

The reassuring fact that the UltraFreeze 8000 is resting comfortably on the floor in the corner of the spare room is enough for me tonight. The 13 pounds of humidity-induced bloat around my ankles? Not so much.

Oh yeah. I started this blog tonight.

1 comment:

well then, jenji said...

It seems that the A/C unit would require a bit of the 'ol in-out in-out, yeah?

That would explain why my deaf neighbors haven't left their rumbling house in days.