Sunday, July 15, 2007

Animated Brilliance from 1986 called "Family Dog"

Inspired by the best of Chuck Jones and other creative geniuses from the golden age of WB Looney Tunes cartoon shorts (that's the 1940's to you and me), Brad Bird created this gem fresh out of Cal Arts. Spielberg liked it and included it on his Amazing Stories series on NBC.

For all the one-joke, cliche-ridden, pun-filled chuckles (surrounded by positively BORING animation and design) that modern cartoons like "Family Guy" muster, I really do miss the fun, exaggerated animation and character development that was so evident in the Looney Tunes and this particular short titled "Family Dog."



well then, jenji said...

"vacumming makes me wanna barf!"

Love it and wholeheartedly agree...

well then, jenji said...

"whooooooa...he's whizzing on the carpet!" love it!

These are some priceless clips. Do they have these out on DVD? If they do, I'm giving you permission to buy them without the guilt. Which I will then be sure to borrow and lose within the bowels of my home. I have seen some of this before, I just can't place when and where? Is it possible that HBO played this back in the late 80's?

Some of the angles remind me so much of "The Triplets of Belleville," yeah? Which by the way, I coincidentally decided earlier this evening to post a clip from that film on my blog soon.

I must add that the daughter in this piece is The Spawn of Satan's doppleganger--you know, that one with the voice? I don't dare speak her name again...very Voldermort. The girl in this piece sounds just like her. And the obedience school woman reminds me of this woman in the art department at THHHAAAANNNNKSSSS cfa.

As for clip #3 and the baddie hideout, you know that's what my Bodda Bing Badda Boom neighbors think my house and yard looks like in comaparison to their pristine golf course.

Thanks for sharing this work, Chet!